Re: [PATCH] Show properties of Trash and Home dir correctly

On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 23:46 +0100, Jaap Haitsma wrote:
> The attached patch fixes
> "Trash properties window doesn't show size if viewed before others"
> It needs some review, because I'm not completely sure I fix it in the 
> right way.
> The problem why the Trash folder and the home folder didn't show size 
> and free space was because nautilus_file_recompute_deep_counts(file) was 
> called with file pointing to x-nautilus-desktop:///trash for the trash 
> folder and x-nautilus-desktop: for the home folder.
> Changing original_files to target_files solved the problem for the home 
> dir.

This is right. And i commited this part.

> The trash dir still didn't work that's why I made a hack in 
> get_target_file_for_original_file so that i.s.o. trash: just ~/.Trash 
> get's passed into nautilus_file_recompute_deep_counts.

This isn't right though. trash:// is supposed to work with the
NautilusFile system, and it displays more than just ~/.Trash. Its a
virtual directory that combines all the trash directories on the system.

> Don't know if nautilus_file_recompute_deep_counts is supposed to work if 
> you put the "trash:" URI in there.

It seems it doesn't work. But it should work. The right fix is to figure
out why this doesn't work right now.

> Side effect of this patch is that location in the property window 
> changes from On the desktop to your home directory. Don't know if this 
> is bad because if you select a file in the trash it also says the 
> location is in ~/.Trash

This was due to another reason. I fixed that too.

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