Re: Source Code Location in nautilus of CD Burner Application


Wolfgang Meyerle wrote:
I want to locate the Source Code Location where exactly the nautilus CD-Burner Application is located. Today I found out that I'm having problems burning dvd's with nautilus. After emerging k3b evrything worked fine with that program but not with nautilus. As I'm a gnome enthusiast I wanted to develop my own burner add-on for nautilus with more functions as now implemented.

The nautilus-cd-burner sources are available in the nautilus-cd-burner module in GNOME CVS. You can browse the sources here:

Before you start to write your own nautilus extension could you report this problem to bugzilla and work with us to try to fix it?

Some details on how to do this are listed in the README file in GNOME CVS [1].



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