Source Code Location in nautilus of CD Burner Application


I want to locate the Source Code Location where exactly the nautilus CD-Burner Application is located. Today I found out that I'm having problems burning dvd's with nautilus. After emerging k3b evrything worked fine with that program but not with nautilus. As I'm a gnome enthusiast I wanted to develop my own burner add-on for nautilus with more functions as now implemented.

Perhaps you can give me some kind of starting point as the only thing I have is a book (Sams teach yourself GTK+ Programming in 21 days) and a little c and c++ knowledge. I developed so far small apllications but only on the windows world and now I want to include myself a little bit in nautilus developing.

Another question I have: Are there german developers out there in the gnome project? I googled a little bit around but found nothing. Perhaps there are also mailing lists out there...


Wolfgang Meyerle (Informatik student of the university of applied sciences located in Ingolstadt, Germany)

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