Re: Source Code Location in nautilus of CD Burner Application

Am Sonntag, den 28.08.2005, 02:15 +0200 schrieb Wolfgang Meyerle:

> I want to locate the Source Code Location where exactly the nautilus 
> CD-Burner Application is located.

The burning code is inside the "nautilus-cd-burner" module on the GNOME

> Today I found out that I'm having 
> problems burning dvd's with nautilus. After emerging k3b evrything 
> worked fine with that program but not with nautilus. As I'm a gnome 
> enthusiast I wanted to develop my own burner add-on for nautilus with 
> more functions as now implemented.

Excellent! Note that the current architecture is very robust since it
uses cdrecord, a very well-tested terminal application , which is
invoked upon burning. On the other hand, this also means that there is
no tight integration between the VFS and the CD burning code, thus
requiring much amount on the filesystem side to add advanced
functionality like multisessions.

Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org>

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