Re: Mime types confusion


> It is not what you can expect from a regular user - I mean getting
> sources from CVS and recompiling them. Most of the usere doesn't even
> know what a compiler is.

That's why there are those things called "distributions" that make
packages so that users get fixes for bugs. And that's why people like
you get to file bugs in bugzilla, and to test fixes so that developers
can make releases for the distros to pick up.

> The end-user solution is to have a button "For this extension don't use
> sniffing and assume that mime-type is xxx" or something like this.

Yeah, an end user will probably have no problem at all to  understand
what that means, and he'll use it wisely, he won't take the bad habit of
pressing this button as soon as nautilus warns him the file he is going
to open may not be what he expects.
Anyway, it can't be added to CVS, since users don't know what a compiler
is, so they'll never get that change if it was done. Actually, gnome
development should be stopped immediatly, since it's pointless as users
will never get any change we may be doing.

Actually, I'm a bit surprised about your OLE issues, powerpoint may have
a problem (though I think it's fixed in CVS), but I'm not aware of
issues with ms word files in newest releases (0.16 should be ok, and I
think 0.15 may be fine too).

Hope that helps,


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