Re: Mime types confusion

Am Montag, den 25.04.2005, 10:46 +0200 schrieb Olaf Frączyk:
> As the content sniffing is not 100% reliable (ok, nothing is :), beyond
> the user control and will not work, ever, for some file types (mostly
> the Microsoft OLE stuff) is there any way to disable the content
> sniffing?

We should really try to fix the OLE mime detection stuff instead of
trying ugly workarounds (disabling sniffing, that is). The problem seems
to be that the "subtypes" also match the OLE container type. This
problem is known and Christophe Fergeau seems to have fixed xdgmime [1].
Maybe you could try out whether xdgmime HEAD/gnome-vfs works for you.
You may have to reimport xdgmime into gnome-vfs/libgnomevfs to make it
work. I'm very much willing to help you if you need any support.


Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org>

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