Re: Mime types confusion

On Mon, 2005-04-25 at 17:22 +0200, Christian Neumair wrote:
> Am Montag, den 25.04.2005, 10:46 +0200 schrieb Olaf Frączyk:
> > As the content sniffing is not 100% reliable (ok, nothing is :), beyond
> > the user control and will not work, ever, for some file types (mostly
> > the Microsoft OLE stuff) is there any way to disable the content
> > sniffing?
> We should really try to fix the OLE mime detection stuff instead of
> trying ugly workarounds (disabling sniffing, that is). The problem seems
> to be that the "subtypes" also match the OLE container type. This
> problem is known and Christophe Fergeau seems to have fixed xdgmime [1].
> Maybe you could try out whether xdgmime HEAD/gnome-vfs works for you.
> You may have to reimport xdgmime into gnome-vfs/libgnomevfs to make it
This is the exact problem.
It is not what you can expect from a regular user - I mean getting
sources from CVS and recompiling them. Most of the usere doesn't even
know what a compiler is.

The end-user solution is to have a button "For this extension don't use
sniffing and assume that mime-type is xxx" or something like this.

The extension-only methond is sufficient for me. I see no other
advantage of sniffing over extension that you can have more than 1 mime-
type for 1 extension. And such are very rare (the only one I am aware of
is real audio and rpm). And no, I don't want a new war about what
solution is better. I just say it is OK for me.

> work. I'm very much willing to help you if you need any support.
Thank you. So it means that there is no such option (to disable
sniffing). Unfortunately I have no time to dig into this, so I just
comment the sniffing code out.

> [1]



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