Re: HIG alerts in nautilus

On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 15:01 +0200, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> Current implementation of HIG compliant alerts in Nautilus is sub
> optimal. There are several UI and code issues, such as:
>       * GtkMessageDialog API is not used
>       * primary and secondary labels don't fully respect HIG [1]
>       * question alerts are deprecated [2]
>       * alerts provide a window title

The last time this was discussed there was some different opinions on
this, and it was likely this would be changed in the HIG. Whats the
current status on this?

>       * some alerts provide an expander to show secondary label [3]

These things are mainly used because the detail in them are some output
straight from a command line app (mount etc) and as such not something
nice you'd generally want to have in the ui. Do you think we should just
always show it?

> I like to see in Nautilus 1) GtkMessageDialog based- and 2) HIG
> compliant- alerts
> Point number one, as per Alex request, should be solved in eel. Here is
> my proposal, a replacement for functions provided by eel-stock-dialogs.h
> and eel-alert-dialog.h: eel-message-dialogs.h

This makes almost all dialogs modal. Is that really a good idea?

> Of course there are still some issues. First of all there are some FIXME
> here and there in eel-message-dialogs.c to solve, and of course code
> cleanup and enhancement. Secondary, maybe we need a replacement for
> eel_run_simple_dialog function in eel-stock-dialogs.h: this function is
> used about 15 times in nautilus code.

Someone also has to convert all the uses in nautilus.

> Unfortunately I don't know I'll have the time, at least just in time for
> 2.11|12 code/UI/string freeze :-( Anyone interested?

When is these freezes? I don't see the 2.11 schedule on

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