Re: Idea: Tooltip showing file properties when you hover over the file

Alexander Larsson wrote:

In general it would be very nice to have a way to quickly bring up more
information about a file (primarily a preview of it). However, using
hovering for this is a bad idea, as it will often be in the way. You'll
accidentally leave your mouse over something and it'll pop up, covering
the files you're working with.

What about showing the tooltip only if the icon is selected? This way it
would be way less probable to have the toolip in the way...

But it would be much more work to get the preview displayed. A typical
use of the preview would be scanning a set of files looking for the one
you want by looking at the preview, and this gets complicated if its
hard to trigger the display of it.

Wouldn't it be possible to pop up the preview to the right/left/up/down of the hovered icon (much like the popup context menu)?

I also think we dont need a 100% zoomed view for the preview so we could smartly autosize the popup window so that it fits sensibly in the available screen space to the right/left/top/bottom.

If Evince becomes a mutliple document viewer (docs, ooo and other formats) then this might also come in handy for doing the previews too (minus the toolbars/sidebar).


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