Re: RFC: On-line Content Filtering of directories

Dnia 22-04-2005, pią o godzinie 13:55 +0200, Alexander Larsson napisał:
> So, given that we have glob selection, typeahead and a vfolder-based
> full-search system, does filtering and the complexities it adds really
> have a place? It would be nice if you (or someone) could come up with
> some real-life usecases for filtering, comparing it to other approaches.
> It would be interesting to see which situation filtering would be better
> than these other alternatives.

One thing where it seems to be better than glob selection is checking
that your search actually includes what you intended. 
When glob selecting, you don't always see if it worked right, especially
in big folders, and that's where it's most useful feature in the first
place. Filtered view would OTOH show the match immediately, so verifying
is easy and natural. 
I didn't try it in real life, but given that I glob almost exclusively
when doing maintenance work (sorting downloads, or other messy folders),
additional feedback, and improved discoverability (I have people
constantly amazed by existence of globbing) would be very nice. Oh, and
we could simply drop glob, or add it transparently (* and ? would just
trigger globbing) to filtered view. 
Also, vFolders don't invalidate filtered view, as they operate on
different level -- even if I have vFolder with, say, work documents
written in 2004, I still may want to *temporarily* limit to names with
"invoice" in them. It doesn't make much sense to create new vFolder if
you're going to use the results only once. This is similar to vfolders
vs. searching in Evo -- you can have vfolders, yet you can search in


Maciej Katafiasz <ml mathrick org>

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