Re: Spatial Mode Window Cluttering and Possible Solutions

On 4/20/05, Raul Acevedo <raul cantara com> wrote:
> The irony is that spatial is supposed to be for ease of use and
> beginners, yet it doesn't take long to run into limitations that require
> advanced concepts and hacks to make usable.

I'm not sure what your "advanced concepts and hacks" include, but I
have to assume that I'm not using them. And I find the spatial mode
quite usable.

Also, for a user that has no consept of different web browsers for
example, how limiting you think the spatial mode is and in what

> I don't know if this speaks to a fundamental flaw in spatial, to the
> irony of how hard it is to make something truly simple and functional,
> or both.

I think it involves expectations, old habits and lack of flexibility.
Of old users.

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi

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