Re: Spatial Mode Window Cluttering and Possible Solutions

I think Shift Click and Double Middle Click are just great! They are
just hard to discover, so when a user have more than n open nautilus
spatial window you (and not me... I'm just a simple user who enjoy shift
click) could add a "notification" or something else, that respect the
hig, that explain how these feature work.


Le dimanche 17 avril 2005 à 23:23 -0400, Yuan Qi a écrit :
> Ubuntu Bugzilla Entry:
> Nautilus spatial is a very user friendly way to navigate files, however, it
> creates window clutter for users who use deep folder trees. I think a
> discussion
> needs to be made on how to improve the spatial mode, especially when we
> start
> considering all the controversies created by
> Here is my suggestion of a new spatial behaviour:
> A folder will be automatically minimized when the user opens one of its
> subfolders for the first time.
> If the *very next* action performed by the user *on the autominimized
> folder* is
> to bring it up again, then a flag will be set to tell nautilus not to
> autominimize it the next time.
> That folder will not be minimized the next time the user opens a
> subfolder from
> that folder.
> If the *very next* action performed by the user on *that particular parent
> window* this time is to minimize it, then the flag will be deleted and the
> folder will be autominimized the next time.
> This suggestion, however, will not solve the cluttering on the taskbar. So I
> want to make another suggestion to the behaviour of the taskbar that
> goes with
> the above suggestion:
> Only the non-minimized window will have an explicit entry on the taskbar. In
> order to access the minimized parent windows, the user should use the
> path menu,
> which can be brought up by clicking on the path button on the bottom
> left corner
> of the folder window, or by clicking and hold the taskbar entry for more
> than
> one second (similar to how the tool button groups work in Adobe Photoshop).
> Of course, people will argue that this is very unintuitive to novice 
> users, but this confusion should be largely resovle with properly 
> designed window minimization animation.
> ps. My description of the feature might be worded poorly, so please free
> to ask
> me to clarify my wording.

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