Re: Possible UI Tweaks?

jdbolt wordescapes co uk wrote:

Made a quick mockup:

That is exactly what I had in mind! I guess it would be good if the icons
would fit in with whatever theme you were using in gnome.
I just used the emblems in /usr/share/icons/Default/48x48/emblems so if the feature used those icons it would be fully themable.

I guess everyone would want to group it differently, so a feature would
have to be there to select how you want to divide the icons. In your home
dir you  would probably want it just like you have, in a dir holding lib
files for example you wouldnt want to divide by picture, so maybe by size,
or file name.





One important thing to consither is how to make a decent ui for this.
For example, it sounds like a lot of options if it lived in the right click menu... Perhaps something along the lines of "Use headers" in the prefs. dialog instead or something.
Another important issue, is this usefull, or just nice?
Does the use of headers make people sort out things faster, or does it just add noise?
Any usability experts around?

Where is the best place to post this? Does nautilus have a Wiki? is probably the best place.
- Andreas

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