Re: Possible UI Tweaks?

jdbolt wordescapes co uk wrote:

Ok the second is available in windows, and I cant seem to find the
feature in nautilus. Basically, I like the icon view, and I know you can
arrange or sort in different ways, size, date etc. But wouldnt it be
great if it had the ability to section of files by mime type:


icons here


icons listed by name or size

... etc

Again, doesnt sound much, but its a lot easier to find files in folders
with lots of files when there are separate headers for each mime type.
Maybe even the ability to choose which headers you want, and put
everything else under a 'general' or 'other' tab.
I think it sounds cool. A lot of people put all their stuff in one folder and this would be a nice way of letting them keep track of their stuff in an easy way. But rather than grouping mime-types, how about grouping different kinds of content?
Images, Documents, Movie clips, Music etc.
I think it feels more natural to have your .doc next to your .abw and .sxw than splitting them up into different categories. It's just documents anyway that more or less behave the same.

Made a quick mockup:
Took myself the liberty to add favorites at the top. These can perhaps be the most used files, or that have been set as a favorite by the user.
- Andreas

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