Possible UI Tweaks?

Hi, I have been using gnome for a while and there are a few little
things that I feel would be nice to have in nautilus that is in windows.

The first is support for logitech and other types of mouse with extra
buttons, such as the backwards and forwards buttons. I have got it
working in firefox and other web browsers but I cant seem to find
support for nautilus.

Seems like a little issue/complaint but its the little things that speed
up usablity, I know it would make it easier for me.

Ok the second is available in windows, and I cant seem to find the
feature in nautilus. Basically, I like the icon view, and I know you can
arrange or sort in different ways, size, date etc. But wouldnt it be
great if it had the ability to section of files by mime type:


icons here


icons listed by name or size

... etc

Again, doesnt sound much, but its a lot easier to find files in folders
with lots of files when there are separate headers for each mime type.
Maybe even the ability to choose which headers you want, and put
everything else under a 'general' or 'other' tab.


Jon Bolt
jdbolt wordescapes co uk

*Just to have it is enough*

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