Re: CD Creator / Places menu

On Fri, May 28, 2004 at 07:32:22PM +0200, Markus Bertheau wrote:
> What about making the CD Creator come up when you click on the CD-ROM
> icon in My Computer if there's an empty CDR in the drive?

It should be accessible without a blank CDR in the drive.
And it shouldn't look like the CD Creator content and that of 
the CDR might be one and the same. It must be clear that another 
step is needed to actualy burn the data to disc. Seperation 
between the representation of the drive or a disc and a selection 
of data to be burned is needed.

I said that there should be a file type for burning.
But there is already need for storage location independent file 
representations, that do not act like replicators as symlinks do.
Idealy they would be able to span across partitions/filesystems 
and be imune to moving stuff around, like Aliases on the Mac.
Therefore I will call them Aliases for now. I don't know if this 
matches previously mentioned Shortcuts.

Aliases would be useful for local bookmarks, playlists and 
building collections of stuff to be burned (for playlist a sequence 
concept would need to be added).

CD Burning functionality could be an option for all files/folders 
(that might contain aliases) and playlists.

A problem might be that it would not be to obvious to unexperienced 
users how to burn a custom set of data.
An Action->Burn CD could bring up an assistant, that does nothing 
besides guiding the user through the process using the given means 
directly (so it's all the same like without assistant).

Thorsten Wilms

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