Re: What I think spatial nautilus needs

On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 07:14, Thorsten Wilms wrote:
> On Thu, May 27, 2004 at 01:48:24PM +0200, Sigge Kotliar wrote: 
> > 3) Bookmarks, bookmarks, bookmarks
> > They should be placed at the following locations: "Places" menu and
> > "Computer" (other suggestions welcome)
> > Of course, these bookmarks should be the same bookmarks as GTK now
> > creates, for nice cross-DE integration.
> Bookmarks have no place in the spatial Nautilus menu, because there's 
> no relation to the represented folder. (Having Places there is a mistake, 
> IMHO).
> Having shortcuts and the ability to put arbitrary folders into the panel 
> would make for nice bookmark functionality.

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."
  —Ralph Waldo Emerson

People, generally, will understand that the window for /home/foo and the
window for /home/foo/bar are the same type of window.  If there are any
actions for the file manager application, I think most people would
expect to see them on those windows.  People are getting way too caught
up with the metaphor, and they're losing sight of what's useful.

But if we want to be consistent and get rid of Places and not provide
bookmarks, then we should also remove the following:

File -> Open Location...
File -> Connect to Server...
Edit -> Preferences
Help -> Contents
Help -> About


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