Re: What I think spatial nautilus needs

On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 12:48, Sigge Kotliar wrote:
> Hello people!
> I hope these suggestions start some kind of debate over what a
> perfect-for-all spatial browser should have. For me, these three things
> would make my own life much easier, but also much easier for all of
> those n00bs out there that don't want to have to learn keyboard
> shortcuts and mouse gestures to use the default file manager.

Well I'm not really sure what everyone wants and there's probably no
chance of pleasing everybody anyhow. However, I have a good idea of what
I want in Nautilus and thats why I'm currently hacking it. I like the
clean, simple and fast interface that spatial provides but it needs a
few tweaks to make it more pleasant to use. I also dont like the browser
view so thats not really an option for me and theres little incentive to
code changes for that. 

In particular I'm looking at implementing the following enhancements for
spatial mode:

Those three enhancements should make nautilus rock in spatial mode. I
realise not all of them are strictly consistent with spatial theory but
theories don't concern me - practical necessities do. (I'm quite happy
to hide any of these features with GConf keys if some take exception to


> Best wishes and keep up the good work
> Sergej Kotliar

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