Re: ftp and Nautilus

El mar, 18-05-2004 a las 03:22, Thorsten Wilms escribió:

> Don't tell me there's no possibility to determine if the server 
> allows anonymous login. Even if you can't know in advance (I'm 
> not familiar with the protocol), you could still just login in 
> background to check this.

Thorsten, background login is useless when you want to log in with a
password.  Why?

Because many FTP servers to which you may want to log in with user/pw
combo also support anon login, and you would never get prompted for the

> So the app can at least get to know if server allows anonymous 
> (and might also allow non-anon) or if there can only be login  
> with username/password.

What would be worth the effort is logging in anonymously, and if it is
possible, keeping the connection around while prompting the user 

(o) Log in anonymously
( ) Log in with a user account
    User name [                   ]
    Password  [ **********        ]

Where "Log in anonymously" would be selected if anon login was
successful, and greyed out + deselected if anon login wasn't possible.

> My other crits still stand anyway.
> ---
> Thorsten Wilms
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