Re: ftp and Nautilus

> Secondly, even though ftp is often used anonymously we can't just assume
> that, since that means you can't log in with a username on a site where
> anonymous login is allowed. 
> This makes it possible to log in both with name and anonymous, and it
> uses the common "if you don't know what the heck the dialog is about,
> just click ok" user feature to enable easy anonymous login. 

I'm not sure my parents or sisters would click on "ok" in front of such
a dialog. They'd be confused about the dialog, and I wouldn't be
surprised if they cancelled everything or filled out bogus values and
then decide the ftp method doesn't work.
I'd be more in favour to expect a "username ftpsite" uri from users who
want to log on a ftp server which accepts both anonymous and non
anonymous logins. This could also be exposed in a more discoverable way
in "network locations"


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