Re: Debian package icon

Quoting Ross Burton <r burton 180sw com>:

I'll extend on Ryan's post by saying that nautilus does a two-pass mime
detection for speed -- mime type sniffing is very slow, so is done as
required.  If the type changes when you click, then either the extension
is wrong, or you've found a shared-mime-info bug.  There were lots of
cases of the later recently (.deb/.ar, exe -> core, etc), but that bug
has been fixed now.

BTW, how do you propose a new mime-type to the share-mime-info like the
application/x-matroska which doesn't exist (but is used by totem thumbnailer) ?
I didn't find any mailling list only for the shared-mime-info on do you have to send a bug/enh report ?


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