Re: Debian package icon

> Yeah, i just read the bug report (sorry to haven't done it before). 

Well, without your mail, I wouldn't have been aware of that bug and
wouldn't have looked at it. So thanks for bringing that issue to the
list ;)

> Just to
> clear my mind, how can it be a different behaviour depending on the selection
> of the file ?

When displaying a file, Nautilus only looks at the filename to try to
guess the mime type. This is the method used by gnomevfs-info too. When
you click on a file, Nautilus sniffs its mime type, and sometimes
(because of bugs in shared-mime-info, or because of bogus
filename/extension), the mime type found by looking at the filename and
the mime type found by looking at the file content differ. See
for more details about how Nautilus guesses the type of a file.

Hope that helps,


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