Re: Fw: [Bug 136055] Changed - When paste a folder with another same name folder, files in original folder will be deleted

On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 10:51, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> Unfortunately a misunderstanding
> about this behaviour can cause loss of data, so its a bit dangerous.
> Maybe we should switch to the window behaviour?

If nothing else, it would probably be civil to move any replaced files
to the Trash, rather than just irretrievably deleting them.

        <b>Folder already exists</b>
        There is already a folder in <target>
        called <source>.  If you choose to
        replace it, <target/source> will be
        moved to the Trash.
                             [Replace] [Skip]

[This could cause problems if/when we get a Restore from Trash feature,
but we'd have to solve that one anyway-- this is by no means the only
way you could end up with a file in the Trash that has the same
name/path as a working file.]

Automatically renaming would certainly be a safe option, but it doesn't
actually achieve what either Mac/shell *or* Windows users are used to,
so I'm not sure that necessarily makes it the best one :/


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