Re: Debian package icon

This is very very confusing for new users.

To have a file's icon and type just change on your after you click it
would I dare say, frighten some new computer users.

How many resources are given to detecting a given files mime type? Could
this be done somewhat how like thumbnails? Initial view shows initial
mime type, with a clock decoration on the icon, as the real mime type is

I do think this is a big concern from a usability perspective.

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 07:40, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> > 
> > Yeah, i just read the bug report (sorry to haven't done it before). 
> Well, without your mail, I wouldn't have been aware of that bug and
> wouldn't have looked at it. So thanks for bringing that issue to the
> list ;)
> > Just to
> > clear my mind, how can it be a different behaviour depending on the selection
> > of the file ?
> When displaying a file, Nautilus only looks at the filename to try to
> guess the mime type. This is the method used by gnomevfs-info too. When
> you click on a file, Nautilus sniffs its mime type, and sometimes
> (because of bugs in shared-mime-info, or because of bogus
> filename/extension), the mime type found by looking at the filename and
> the mime type found by looking at the file content differ. See 
> for more details about how Nautilus guesses the type of a file.
> Hope that helps,
> Christophe

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