Re: Appearance of the new Add-Application dialog

Am So, den 25.07.2004 schrieb Mason Kidd um 2:11:
> I would actually suggest that the 'Add Application' dialog match the
> 'Run Application' dialog, so that when it is expanded, it shows a list
> of 'Known Applications'.

Hmm, also some good idea! Well, but shouldn't all those applications
listed as 'Known Applications' have announced all supported MIME types
already? Guess the applications you want do register via this dialog are
some legacy apps, some non-gnome apps, your distribtor did not care to
integrate into GNOME. So you still need to be able to select random
programs from the 'Add Application' dialog. I'd rather see 'Known
Applications' as some VFolder with some fixed bookmark in the expandable
file browser...

Mathias Hasselmann <mathias hasselmann gmx de>

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