Re: Appearance of the new Add-Application dialog

I would actually suggest that the 'Add Application' dialog match the
'Run Application' dialog, so that when it is expanded, it shows a list
of 'Known Applications'.

Mason Kidd

On Sat, 2004-07-24 at 23:03 +0200, Mathias Hasselmann wrote:
> Hi,
> Just got aware today of the new MIME handling in Nautilus 2.7. Great
> stuff, right direction. Well, but somehow I have the feeling, that the
> "Add Application" dialog fit the look and feel introduced by the file
> choosers of GNOME 2.6. Guess it's obvious, that those dialogs should fit
> that look and feel, since they deal with file handling. What disturbes
> me? It's the "Browse" button: Opens yet another Window, which is not
> really neccessary, as the "Save As" chooser we have since GNOME 2.6
> shows. In my very personal opinion it would be much better (in terms of
> convenience and consistency) to use some expandable file browser for
> visual file selection. Since pictures sometimes say more than thousand
> words, here some pictures:
> Currently the "Add Application" dialog of Nautilus 2.7 looks this:
> The layout I'd suggest would look like this, when the browser is closed:
> And like this, when the browser is expanded:
> Guess we have to discuss this quickly, cause the GNOME 2.8 UI freeze is
> close.
> Ciao,
> Mathias
> -- 
> Mathias Hasselmann <mathias hasselmann gmx de>

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