Appearance of the new Add-Application dialog


Just got aware today of the new MIME handling in Nautilus 2.7. Great
stuff, right direction. Well, but somehow I have the feeling, that the
"Add Application" dialog fit the look and feel introduced by the file
choosers of GNOME 2.6. Guess it's obvious, that those dialogs should fit
that look and feel, since they deal with file handling. What disturbes
me? It's the "Browse" button: Opens yet another Window, which is not
really neccessary, as the "Save As" chooser we have since GNOME 2.6
shows. In my very personal opinion it would be much better (in terms of
convenience and consistency) to use some expandable file browser for
visual file selection. Since pictures sometimes say more than thousand
words, here some pictures:

Currently the "Add Application" dialog of Nautilus 2.7 looks this:

The layout I'd suggest would look like this, when the browser is closed:

And like this, when the browser is expanded:

Guess we have to discuss this quickly, cause the GNOME 2.8 UI freeze is

Mathias Hasselmann <mathias hasselmann gmx de>

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