Re: "Open With" -> "An Application"

On Sat, Jul 24, 2004 at 10:28:01PM +0200, mammique wrote:
> Hi,
> i don't understand why some default applications in
> /usr/share/application-registry/*.applications appears in nautilus's
> "Open With" button & some other must be choosen in a list proposed by
> "An Application". How could i make my application directly clickable
> from "Open With" for all users ? I didn't found any info about this.

Yes, I think that offering a list of apps (such as what is in the run
dialog) before putting the user in the 'associate application' dialog
would go a long way to making that side of it more user friendly.  I
think that one of the current WORST things about gnome is that if you
need to associate .csv with say, OO.o instead of gedit you end up in the
file types and associations dialog which is pretty user un-friendly.
However, I think that if you simply gave the user a list of apps to
choose from and made the file types and associates what popped up if
they clicked on 'advanced' (or something like that) this would be quite
a lot more user friendly.


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