Re: Connect to Server dialog

> The things I wanted to improve most were the 
> 	Folder: None	<-- This is not so obvious what's going on

I agree but not all services require a mount point so it could be
insensitive/hidden rather than just saying "None". Incidentally it could
be renamed "Folder Mount Point" to make it clear that it is a mount
(there might be a better word than mount here - Folder Attachment
Point?, Folder Link Point? etc)

> 	Anonymous FTP	<-- Needs some improvement

I thought about what Calum said. The best I could come up with is
"Public FTP" and "Private FTP" services.

> 	Password Later?	<-- A hint that the password will be asked for
> 				or just integrating the key-ring manager
It would be nice to have it all as one dialog but if key-ring is a
separate dialog then it only needs to pop up if it doesn't have the
password already stored (of course what happens if the password has
changed? Might be good idea to have option in dialog to override
key-ring if necessary - a "use key-ring setting for password" checkbox
in the dialog, perhaps?)


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