Re: Mega patch to make spatial nautilus rock!

On Sat, 2004-07-10 at 14:20, Christian Schneider wrote:


> So when you provide the option to open in same window with left click
> most spatial beginners will set it that way and never learn why
> spatial is a good choice at all. As I have read a lot about spatial
> and learned the positive aspects I would like the option of opening in
> the same window. I would use it when it really makes sense. But most
> beginners would use it all the time. That is why I vote for not
> providing this option.

Not strictly true. First default would be as is and second opening from
the desktop would always be spatial regardless of what options you have
for folders. And lastly spatial coherence is always maintained so its
not like you would never benefit that way. All windows load and save
properties until you actually reuse the window so your assertion that
users would never experience spatial benefits is false.

> In the same time I must admit that the current split between browser
> and spatial is not very good. The apps are too different for people to
> feel at home with both and switching them where it is apropriate.
> Probably there will instead be two fractions. One that always use
> browse and one that always use spatial.

*Fragmentation is BAD* thats why we should unite under a more hybrid
model. If we stay as we are everyone loses and we have a higher cost of
maintaining separate browser and spatial modes. Incidentally, the
browser development has all but halted since spatial and will probably
remain that way. It would be wise and sensible given our limited
resources to adopt a hybrid model and make a success of it rather than
trying to maintain separate browser and spatial modes and their
respective communities.

> My solution to this problem would be to try and add the necessary
> additions to spatial to cope with deep hierarchies. It is a clear case
> that you don´t want folder windows for every folder in a 10 level
> hierarchy on your desktop. Even the option of open a new window and
> close the old is not that useful in that case.
> What I think we need is a separate tree window where you navigate the
> directories and open a spatial folder when you are at your
> destination. I have no current screenshot as example on hand but I am
> sure you guys can imagine what I mean. This tree window should open
> with a fast acessible button on the panel and a keyboard shortcut.

I dont like tree views in general as they are rather over cooked and are
fairly complex things for new users. That said it would be better to
have say the file chooser pop up from where you could select a folder to
navigate to (that is assuming new users would be familiar with the file
chooser) though I dont have a need for this feature so dont expect me to
write it.

> The second thing I would provide is a path entry field in the panel.
> There you can type paths like in bash with tab (or another key)
> completion. With enter key you could then open a spatial window. I
> have provided a small page describing this feature on my website.

Ctrl+L already provides us with an entry with tab completion

> I would be interested in what you think about these ideas.  If the
> separate tree concept is interesting I will create a screenshot and
> some explanation on my site.
> --
> Christian Schneider

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