smb:// very slow

I'm trying to use nautilus 2.6 (debian unstable packages) to access files on my
company's network share, but the load time is incredibly slow.  Using smbclient
//server/share to connect, I can ls and cd instantaneously.  However, using
nautilus to go to smb://server/share, the folder can take on the order of 10
seconds just to ask me for my password, and then another 30 seconds to a minute
(or more) to show a directory listing.  This slowdown continues for each
subfolder that I open in nautilus, with the xcursor over the nautilus window
turning into an hourglass until the folder loads.  Is this a known issue (I
couldn't find anything in bugzilla)?  is there any known way to speed it up? 
Or can I provide some more information somehow to help debug this?


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