Re: smb:// very slow

I had this problem about a year and a half ago. I did some work on it with
ethereal and iirc found it was an authentication problem, gnome-vfs was
constantly attempting to reauthenticate to one of the network servers and
each time it did, had to wait for the response.

Back then, the result was that the window just filled up extremely slowly.
Since Nautilus was changed to not do incremental icon rendering, you get
what you see now, which is it taking ages for anything to appear.

I don't remember the details and while I filed a bug, I can no longer find
it in bugzilla! So I guess you'll need to do some investigation with
ethereal like I did to see if it's the same problem.

thanks -mike

On Wed, 07 Jul 2004 10:29:47 -0700, Sanchez the Cactus wrote:
> I'm trying to use nautilus 2.6 (debian unstable packages) to access files on my
> company's network share, but the load time is incredibly slow.  Using smbclient
> //server/share to connect, I can ls and cd instantaneously.  However, using
> nautilus to go to smb://server/share, the folder can take on the order of 10
> seconds just to ask me for my password, and then another 30 seconds to a minute
> (or more) to show a directory listing.  This slowdown continues for each
> subfolder that I open in nautilus, with the xcursor over the nautilus window
> turning into an hourglass until the folder loads.  Is this a known issue (I
> couldn't find anything in bugzilla)?  is there any known way to speed it up? 
> Or can I provide some more information somehow to help debug this?

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