Re: smb:// very slow

On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 19:29, Sanchez the Cactus wrote:
> I'm trying to use nautilus 2.6 (debian unstable packages) to access files on my
> company's network share, but the load time is incredibly slow.  Using smbclient
> //server/share to connect, I can ls and cd instantaneously.  However, using
> nautilus to go to smb://server/share, the folder can take on the order of 10
> seconds just to ask me for my password, and then another 30 seconds to a minute
> (or more) to show a directory listing.  This slowdown continues for each
> subfolder that I open in nautilus, with the xcursor over the nautilus window
> turning into an hourglass until the folder loads.  Is this a known issue (I
> couldn't find anything in bugzilla)?  is there any known way to speed it up? 
> Or can I provide some more information somehow to help debug this?

Its not that slow for me. I don't know whats causing it. The initial
read on smb:// is always a bit slow, because it has to enumerate the
workgroups, however after that it usually works fine.

Maybe you could look at the network traffic or something to figure out
why its being slow.

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