Re: Feedback: Six Nautilus annoyances

Calum Benson wrote:
On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 09:24, Alexander Larsson wrote:
What if there is a file that starts with kk?

In Explorer it's done with a timeout.  So if you press the second 'k'
very quickly after the first, it will match the file starting with
'kk'.  Otherwise it will assume you meant two separate 'k's, and cycle
accordingly.  (There could be some accessibility issues with this
approach, as with anything involving timeouts, but I doubt they'd be

This isn't the behavior I get in Win2k. I created a dir with files named a, b, c, ca, cc, and cool. Hitting "cc" quickly selects the file named "ca" (the second c file in the list), not "cc". Additional c presses cycle through all the files starting with c. Maybe this is different in other Windows versions. Personally, I prefer the Win2k behavior. It seems more intuitive that multiple presses of the same key just cycles through all the files starting with that letter.


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