Re: Video thumbnails

Xavier Bestel schrieb:
That's not good, because some icons are created only by the program that
created the file (e.g. gimp's .xcf files), so you'll get a generic icon
instead when browsing with nautilus.

What we really need are some scripts to handle thumbnails. The thumbnail contains a comment to which file it belongs. Some cool scripts would be:

* Clean thumbnail directory, i.e. remove thumbnails whose file has
  been removed
* Recreate thumbnail for file xy, i.e. delete thumbnail reload

I started to write a python script to handle cleaning, but didn't find the time to finish it.

What I did was basically:
* get image comment with Image Magick's 'identify'
$> identify -v <thumbnail>
* grep for the line 'Thumb::URI:'
* check if file still exists  --> delete or continue

It would be nice to not depend on a external app, but I didn't find a proper python lib.

I will be very short in time, but if nobody writes these scripts 'till
February I will try to write them.


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