Re: Video thumbnails

Hi Jaap,

El mar, 14-12-2004 a las 20:43 +0100, Jaap Haitsma escribió:
> >>No they are all just sub directories of my home directory which is on my 
> >>local harddisk
> > 
> > 
> > Try deleting ~/.thumbnails
> > 
> Thanks that solves is.
> Do you have an explanation for it, why it happened. Should a bug be filed??

It is not a bug.  What happens is that nautilus caches all the info in
~/.thumbnails so it can process things faster after wards.

If the file is modified in some way nautilus catch it and then
regenerate the cache.  In your case the file was unmodified so it
doesn't realize it can create a new thumbnail.

For example, if nautilus can't generate video thumbnails it will show
you the mime type icon corresponding to that file.  If then, you install
totem, nautilus will use the info from the cache which is the icon not
the thumbnail.

So, in short... erase ~/.thumbnails every time you need.

I don't know if nautilus has a preference for it... may be it should.
Or something like right click the media file (image, video, etc) and
then show and option that says "Regenerate thumbnail".

May be it is not a very good idea because the goal is to keep context
menus as small as posible.

Another option could be invalidate the cache after a period of time, for
example if the thumbnail was generated more than a month ago it should
regenerate the cache.  But this will have the disadvantage of needless
cache regeneration


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