Re: "Open With" -> "An Application"

On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 14:23, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
> Alan wrote:
> >>"Open With" button & some other must be choosen in a list proposed by
> >>"An Application". How could i make my application directly clickable
> >>from "Open With" for all users ? I didn't found any info about this.
> > Yes, I think that offering a list of apps (such as what is in the run
> > dialog) before putting the user in the 'associate application' dialog
> > would go a long way to making that side of it more user friendly.  I
> Yesterday I stumbled on this in the 'Open with' tab in the file 
> properties page of Nautilus 2.7. If your favorite program is not in the 
> list, you have to go searching on your own in /usr/bin. Showing the 
> application list from the Run dialog is the least I'd expect.

Well. The application list in the run dialog is constructed from all
desktop files, and in the new system those desktop files are supposed to
list the mimetypes they handle, so if the app is in the run dialog it
should already be in the open with menu. (Unless it didn't list some
mimetype it really supported, which should be fixed.)

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