RE: is nautilus as good as midnight commander?

> the problem is, that i only use nautilus when i want to see the
> thumbnails....
> all the other times (i am a developer working mainly in java),
> when i want to reorganize my files (sourcecode, xml files, whatever),
> i start midnight-commander and do it there....

Thanks Gabor, I must back this one up. I'm also using Nautilus to 
browse my pictures, videos and office docs, and in general to amaze
my friends and coleagues. But for really heavy duty file job and system
management I always use text console and mc. I also still do not dare
to let Nautilus move/manage _large_ directory trees. Just yesterday I
tried to empty Trash (2 directories containg 5 files total were shown there),
but I got dialogue saying 'deleting ... files of 2850'  which really scared me
a lot.

Anyway from desktop user perspective Nautilus is great. I'm using my
very good friend (and also my wife) as a lab mice and they seem to like
clean and efficient concept of Gnome, but I running out of ammo trying
to explain for umpteen time why they have to killall nautilus to be able to
use Trash again and to sudo restart fam when they can't umount their
USB storage media. Maybe it is because I'm still using 2.4 from Debian
(Sarge) and I'm really looking forward to 2.6. Thanks for all the great 
work you are doing!

Just my 2 cents :-)

Vit Kotrla

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