is nautilus as good as midnight commander?


well, the subject is maybe a little rude :>

i was thinking...

i think i like the new spatial behaviour....

the problem is, that i only use nautilus when i want to see the

all the other times (i am a developer working mainly in java),
when i want to reorganize my files (sourcecode, xml files, whatever),
i start midnight-commander and do it there....

and now i've begun to think about it...

if this is the era of GUIs, why do i open always a console program....

so i imagined myself doing all the stuff i do in nautilus...

but it seems a lot less effective.

moving files/directories around... i can do that much faster, with the
arrow-keys+tab+f5+f6 and so on...

i'm not criticizing the spatial nautilus or the non-spatial nautilus
here, same goes for explorer or konqueror.... it seems for me that the
whole explorer/nautilus/konqueror filebrowsing principle is destined to
be slower than the norton-commander style... isn't it?

the question is:
i do not know something?
could you show me examples how to work with
as fast as in midnight commander?
maybe having 2 nautilus windows next to each other and cut&paste +
alt-tab? but it still feels a lot slower.

i understand that we need to make it easy to use for beginners (novice
computer users, whatever)... but what about me? :)


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