Impossible to use Nautilus with the keyboard

Hi, folks.

I was trying to use nautilus without the mouse today, but it's fairly impossible.

1) The Tab/Shift-Tab key, which should be used to switch the focus between widgets, is used incorrectly(?) in nautilus to walk back and forth through the icons. So I cannot focus the side pane (tree!) or the location bar with the keyboard.

2) The tree is useless with the keyboard. It should have a small timeout between the time I select a folder and the time it is actually loaded in the Icon View. See this example:

- Currently, if I have four folders A, B, C and D.
- I'm on folder A. I want to go to folder D, so I click the Down key three times, passing over B and C. As Nautilus begins loading a folder immediately after I select it on the tree, the following happens: When I am already on folder C or D, the Icon view finishes loading B and I am teleported to B again because of the "follow icon view" behavior of the tree.

If you didn't understand, see it by yourself: open the root (/) in the tree and try to press Up or Down many times.

Micros~1 solved this with a timeout. Windows Explorer only loads the item you selected in the tree after staying on the same place for 1 second or so. This gives you some time to Keep Walking(TM).

3) The Left key scrolls the tree horizontally. I propose some better behavior:

IF the current item is expanded (ie. their subitems are shown) THEN
	collapse it
	go to the parent

I don't know if I was clear enough.

4) Symbolic links to folders are like those teleporters in videogames. If I walk over a symlink, I get teleported to strange places (ie. the actual link target). This is weird. :-P

Should I file a bug? Two bugs? A swarm? BzZZzz.

Oh god, why am I too lazy to use the mouse?


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`- Olinda, Brazil - +55 81 3492-7777 - negocios gs2 com br

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