RE: Performance

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 09:56, diego pemas net wrote:
> > That sounds like just a more elegant cache to me, which wouldn't solve the
> > staleness problem.
> >
> the first time that nautilus is run in a directory it would certainly not
> solve the staleness, but the second time, once all the files have their
> mime type set in a EA it would be very fast and there would not be any
> staleness.
> yes, it is a like cache, but it would not have to be renew each time
> nautilus is run, also it would not take any memory, the EAs are handled by
> the OS.
> the bad thing is that the the problem would persist for those file systems
> that do not support EAs. It was just an idea anyway.

And unlike a nautilus-only mime cache (probably keyed off of the
filename), the mime-type will follow that specific file around,
regardless of how its name or location may change.  Additionally, the
odds of someone changing the contents of a file w/o changing the name
are relatively slim.  If can decided on some mime-type
EA, then Konq, nautilus, etc. can use the same mime-type for the file. 
(of course, this requires other steps, like agreeing on a common name
for some of the mime types).
Shahms King <shahms shahms com>

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