Re: Impossible to use Nautilus with the keyboard

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 18:38, Fabio Gomes de Souza wrote:

> 1) The Tab/Shift-Tab key, which should be used to switch the focus 
> between widgets, is used incorrectly(?) in nautilus to walk back and 
> forth through the icons. So I cannot focus the side pane (tree!) or the 
> location bar with the keyboard.

Well, the good news is that actually you can... the GNOME shortcut for
switching focus between panes is [Shift-]F6.  However, I agree that
Tab/Shift-Tab could work a little better in the icon view too, and
there's at least one bug open that covers that that

> - I'm on folder A. I want to go to folder D, so I click the Down key 
> three times, passing over B and C.
> As Nautilus begins loading a folder immediately after I select it on the 
> tree, the following happens: When I am already on folder C or D, the 
> Icon view finishes loading B and I am teleported to B again because of 
> the "follow icon view" behavior of the tree.

That one certainly sounds irritating, probably worth filing a bug if
there isn't one already.

> Should I file a bug? Two bugs? A swarm? BzZZzz.

Yes, please file bugs for any keyboard navigation issues you find, and
mark them with the 'keynav' keyword-- it's essential for accessibility
reasons that you can do everything in GNOME without a mouse.

However, you might want to read the keyboard navigation of the GNOME
Accessibility Guide first:

to make sure there isn't a keyboard shortcut you just didn't know about
(like the F6 one above).


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