Re: Spacial nautilus

Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> writes:

> At the moment we put open-close-parent
> on middle click because we couldn't really find any unused modifier.
> However, with the curren non-symmetric behaviour in the icon view I
> guess it could work, if one doesn't mind the select/unselect cycle you
> have to go through when double clicking on an already selected icon. We
> would have to make the list view duplicate this behaviour though.

I am very glad the open-close-parent feature was added. It was one of
the features I missed more from other file managers I use (MacOS'
Finder, Windows' Explorer.)

I agree with others in that Control+middle double click is not intuitive
and unconfortable, though. File managers that have have this
open-close-parent functionality do use control-double click for
open-close-parent and yet still use control-click to select/deselect. So
I wonder why Nautilus can't do it? I mean, are there design constrains
that make this impossible to do in Nautilus?

One thing to consider is this: in the Mouse control panel users can set
the "double click timeout". This should clearly define, without
ambiguity, what the GUI considers as a single click and what it
considers as a double click. If a user double clicks on an icon within
this timeout then it is a double click, so the behavior should be
open-close-parent. If the double click takes more than this timeout then
it is two clicks, and the behavior should be select and then
deselect. What is the problem with this, can't be implemented? Nautilus
doesn't use this preference?



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