Re: Spacial nautilus

> > Ok, related to that, I have a question then (and sorry if this has been
> > rehashed and flamed to death before), if I have files I need in
> > $HOME/code/company/project1/perl/mod_perl what is the 'right' way to get
> > there?  Open up a nautilus window and click click on the folders until I
> > get there, then close the 5 extra windows that have been opened that I
> > don't need?  
> Double-click with middle button (or wheel), so new window will open and
> parent window will auto-close at the same time...

Hmmm... Ok, that's interesting :)  As other posters have said, it's a
bit counter-intuitive and hard for people without three button mice.  Is 
there similar behaviour for going "up" to get back a directory?  Backspace 
(a la windows) works, but leaves windows open.



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