Re: Patches improving tree view (multi-root and auto-follow)

Am Fre, 2003-06-20 um 07.34 schrieb Jürg Billeter:
> On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 10:13, Wolfgang Pichler wrote:
> > personally i think the third patch would be the best solution (and i
> > like the idea that my code get used ;-) ).
> Sure. I assume you have noticed my fourth patch which corrects many bugs
> (mainly in my code ;) ).
i think in my code are sure more bugs than in yours ;-( - since this was
my first try with programming gnome/nautilus.
> > Another thing is - wouldn't it be possible to open tree nodes
> > automatically when the user (while in drag&drop action) holds his mouse
> > over a node ? - i think this would be very useful.
> That's one thing on my tree-wishlist but I can't do hundred tree view
> patches at the same time ;) as it's not even finally decided what
> concept goes in.
would be a shame if all the work wouldn't get into it
> > To the manage part: An option "add new root" - which then opens a nice
> > dialog where the user can enter a new uri - or where he can select one
> > from a predefined list with the gnome-vfs avaible uris with a short
> > explaination would be a good thing (if it is makeable).
> It's sure possible (IIRC you have implemented it, haven't you?) but I
> don't know whether this is necessary if we can add an item to each
> folder's context menu "Add as Tree Root" or whatever.
i have only implemented a dialog in which you can enter a uri - the
dialog don't have a list with all avaible gnome-vfs uris (because i was
unable to figure out how to get all avaible gnome-vfs uris).

> > And... the context menu from the file views - isn't it possible to also
> > inlcude it into the (multi)tree view ? - i've taken a short look at the
> > code and i think it wouldn't be that problem, or i am wrong ?
> I haven't taken a look at it yet but is definitively necessary in a good
> tree view.
> I think the best is waiting until the fourth patch gets reviewed by a
> maintainer and then I'll probably go on with context menus, dropping
> helpers and so on.
yep - waiting for the maintainers..

have a nice day
Wolfgang Pichler

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