Re: Dealing with multiple files

> Also opening multiple files at once.  For example, on commandline you
> can do: "xemacs file1.cpp file1.h file2.cpp file2.h", but if you
> rubberband-select several files in Nautilus, you lose your "Open With"
> menu so you can no longer send all the files to xemacs.
Shouldn't be that hard to fix really - for someone who knows the code.

> While I'm writing this mail, I'd like to mention another idea I had that
> relates to this somewhat, and that is filtering of files in a Nautilus
> window.  It would be quite useful to be able to apply some sort of
> filter to a Nautilus window so that it would show all files that meet
> certain criteria, such as "*.{cpp,h}", and then it would not show all
> the .o files, etc.

Agreed, I'm sure that that is in bugzilla too..

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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