Feature Request: Nautilus - Terminal Prompt Collaboration

Motivation: Try using Nautilus only, no Terminal of any type, to
accomplish your day to day system duties. Ive tried and its impossible
as yet. One goal of Nautilus should be to offer all the power of a
shell, in a graphical form. Even when Nautilus is that powerful, there
will be many things for which a Terminal is simply more efficient. For
the above two reasons, this project should investigate means of getting
Terminal and File manager to work better.

Proposal: A menu accessible Gnome Termnial embeded in Nautilus. At the
click of a button a Gnome Terminal either descends from bottom of the
Nautilus window, splits the right side view pane ( top/bottom ) in two,
or consumes the entire view pane. This would be more than "new term
here", the Terminal should be able directly interact with Nautilus via
Drag-Drop manipulations, respond to the Tree SideBar navigation, contain
the standard in/out/err files for a app launched from Nautilus, and
ideally Terminal could make use of the Nautilus MIME or VFS

Action: Please consider this proposal with myself and other members of
the Nautilus Team.

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