Re: Minor (but annoying) slowdown in Nautilus 2.2

James Willcox <jwillcox cs indiana edu> writes:

> On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 16:40, Eloy A. Paris wrote:
> > Heh, the Nautilus guys rock. This is fixed in (which hit Debian
> > unstable today.)
> > 
> > Thanks guys!
> It's fixed?  I don't think anyone has touched that code lately.....but
> if you're happy, then great :)

Whoops! No, it's not fixed, you're right. It's just that I was doing the
wrong steps to reproduce the problem. I was right-clicking on a
previously selected icon, in which case everything works fine. The
problem occurs when you left-click on an empty spot of the desktop and
then right-click on a file icon. The context menu will then display
twice, first with a "default" menu and then with the correct menu.

But you are still great, Nautilus guys :-)



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