Re: Minor (but annoying) slowdown in Nautilus 2.2

This has another annoying side effect : when you right click on a desktop 
icon located on the bottom of the screen, a wrong size is chosen for the 
menu height. When the menu is populated with the new options, its size 
does not change, and you have to scroll down the menu to see the last 
options. For example, when I want to empty the trash (located on the 
right bottom of the screen), I always have to scroll. This is equally 
This should be fixed by displaying the modified menu all at once, I 

> The slowdown happens when Nautilus is building the context menu for a
> file.

> This is a minor thing, of course, but I just wanted to know if others 
> the same and what they think about it. Shouldn't the menu be built
> completely before it is displayed? I would think that it would actually
> save some time to display the menu once, instead of twice as it seems to
> be doing.


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