Minor (but annoying) slowdown in Nautilus 2.2

Hi guys,

I found a slowdown in Nautilus that is not related to the 2D
acceleration bug in the Nvidia drivers (I'm using the nv driver from
XFree86, which works fine.)

The slowdown happens when Nautilus is building the context menu for a
file. I don't remember how it was in previous versions of Nautilus but
in 2.2 it does take some time. To reproduce, right-click on a
file. You'll see how the context menu pops up immediately, but all menu
items will be disabled (grayed out). After a small pause most menu items
will become active, and in some cases, the size of the menu will change,
i.e. new entries will be added to it.

I am seeing this on a relatively fast machine, so I guess that on slower
machines this is more noticeable.

This is a minor thing, of course, but I just wanted to know if others
see the same and what they think about it. Shouldn't the menu be built
completely before it is displayed? I would think that it would actually
save some time to display the menu once, instead of twice as it seems to
be doing.



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